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If you’re like me you have a home-away-from-home that you use as a stepping stone for your hunting trips. Maybe it’s 6 hours from home and then only a further 1 hour to your ideal hunting area? Personally, I spend the 2 month Summer jumping back and forth but maybe you spend the entire season there… Either way, you’ll need an easy way to keep your home lawn from overgrowing. Here I’d like to talk about how to pick if you need a riding or push mower. And I’ll get to the point fast.


Riding mowers are ideal for bigger lawns and for making the mow easier, faster and more enjoyable. The setback is they’re much more expensive. The ideal size lawn for push mowers i 1/2 acre and more. That’s half a foot ball field and more. Any smaller than that and you’re spending an awful lot of money for a manageable push mower lawn.

Riding mowers are $1000 and up and come in either rear-engine, tractor or zero turn. And in that order is their expense. Rear engine will suffice for most lawn – it’ll just be slower. Lawn tractor a little faster (and it can tow things) and then zero turn is great for going fast and manoeuvring around things.


These days electric mowers that use batteries for power are popular. But they’re still expensive. And the charge on the battery runs out after an hour. The corded electric are good, but only for small plots of land because the cord can get annoying and limits you to 100 ft (the cord length). Personally I like the petrol powered mower still because they offer affordable power and you can get self propel feature to make going up slopes a cinch. There’s also the reel variety which you push to provide power through a gear to the rotary blade. It is ideal for smaller well maintained lawns.

All up you could always use a cordless electric to mow 1 acre but you’d need to charge the batteries once or twice to complete the job. The gas one could do the job on 1 tank (just) but obviously you’re moving at walking speed so will take much longer than a riding.

If budget matters you’ll probably end up getting rear engine or push petrol. If money is no matter – time is – then a zero turn or tractor mower are the best options.

Info sourced from www.lawnmowerscatalog.com lawn mower reviews website. Check it out for more useful information on lawn mowers.

Camping GeneratorIt’s great to get away and enjoy the great outdoors with nothing but the clothes on your back and some food and fire making kit… But it’s also great to enjoy some niceties while off on the hunt. I’ll give you a few example why a portable generator is a great addition to your hunting toolkit, and then i’ll tell you about a few of the different options you have when choosing the best one.

  1. Fridge: With a portable generator you’ll be able to keep your battery powered fridge cold for weeks. Once me and a friend named Bill went off camping and this was camping away from any electricity and kept the fridge cold for the whole 2 weeks trip. Normally the battery powered fridges only last 3 days. So it’s nice to have.
  2. Lights: Obviously you can get battery powered lights that last awhile or gas powered lamps that last awhile but the option is there to have nice bright spot lights for your campsite powered by electricity so why not take advantage.
  3. Heating Blanket/Fan (for the wife of course): Depending on if your heading out in the summer or winter you can power your blanket or fan with the generator. Sometimes after a long day it’s worth it to be that extra little bit comfortable at night.

Which generator to get?

It’s pretty obvious that a really good camping/hunting generator has 3 characteristics: portable, quiet and low fuel consumption.


The most portable generators are the newer technology inverter generators. These gen-sets have no need for all the heavy copper that conventional generators use so they can have smaller engine and still provide ample power.


Again, the most silent portable generators are the inverter style because they have smaller engines for their power and thus less vibration and noise.

Low Fuel Consumption

The best camping gen-sets are again easily agreed upon to be the inverters because they can throttle the engine rpm down use less fuel when they are using less power.

All in all you should get a Yamaha inverter generator, and they only cost $900 for 2,000 Watts which could power everything you need.

Growing up hunting we used ATVs (quad bike) once we got to our location. I’ve noticed most people do the same. With an ATV you have stability as well as off-road capability. We’d go for a week or two usually and by the time we got home the bikes were covered in mud and dirt. But that’s alright, there’s a very quick and easy way to clean your ATV if you have this tool.

Get yourself the right size & style pressure cleaner and you’ll be able to clean your quad in less than 30 minutes. Let me tell you how to do it:

  1. Since you have nozzle options I recommend starting with the 40 degree nozzle (least pressure) and if that’s not enough working your way to 15 degree nozzle until you see the dirt flying off.
  2. Grab the power washer wand and point it at the ATV and that’s it.
  3. Continue until clean. Use soap to make the job easier.


  • Too much pressure may cause damage to ATV so be careful and just use common sense.
  • Wear eye protection because with all that mud and dirt flying around you’re bound to have flying pieces.
  • If you’re using a gas pressure washer be sure to perform the job in a wide open area that is outside.

Nice short and simple tip but it is a very useful tool. Be sure to pick one up. Here’s a useful website to help choose your pressure washer: www.pressurecleanerreviews.com.